Regal Fierce Media is based in Tucson, Arizona. We are passionate about empowering the Tucson community by providing stellar media services to our clients so they can increase brand awareness and generate leads for their business. We accomplish this with digital advertising and content creation. Whether you need a commercial, graphic design, photography, event coverage or social media management we are your media team. Contact us today to learn how we can build a stronger brand for you that people will recognize.


Daniel Calderon
Creative Director

Never-ending passion and unrivaled creativity for all things media is what Daniel brings to the team. Spanning more than ten years, his professional background makes him a media powerhouse with extensive and relevant experience in photography, music production and video. With his community-focused spirit and unending attention to detail, Daniel can work across any space to ensure client satisfaction that is beyond exceptional.


Katrina Calderon

Known for building strong and lasting community partnerships, Katrina graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from The University of Arizona. Katrina strives to help others succeed and loves to create community connections that unite business professionals. As the CEO of Regal Fierce Media, Katrina is leading this fast-growing Latinx-owned enterprise to create award-winning content that showcases the talented local professionals whose businesses define Tucson’s brand.


Luke Ralston
Director of Video Productions

Real people, real stories, real events all captured in an authentic and believable manner is Luke’s approach to video production. Serving as Regal Fierce Media’s Director of Video Productions fulfills Luke’s lifelong dream of dedicating his career to film and television. With his Bachelor’s in Animation Graphics awarded by the Southwest University of Visual Arts, in Tucson, Arizona, plus his spot-on ability to visually capture the brand of any business, Luke is ready to transform each client’s idea into an unforgettable video production.

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