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About RFM

Regal Fierce Media, rooted in Tucson, Arizona, excels as a multifaceted media powerhouse, renowned for delivering innovative advertising, video production, and compelling content creation. Established by three native Tucsonans, our award-winning team brings a fresh perspective to digital marketing, blending high-quality content with specialized strategies tailored to your business needs. Our services span from Google ads, digital advertising, and social media management, to photography and web solutions. Celebrated for our ethical and innovative practices, our accolades include the BBB Spark Award, Tucson Readers’ Choice Best Videographer Award, and the Tucson Metro Chamber’s Start-Up of the Year. At Regal Fierce Media, we’re not just about business growth, but also nurturing community connections, driving your vision to extraordinary results with our expertise and a commitment to revolutionize marketing.

Meet Our Team

Katrina Calderon


Katrina Calderon, CEO of Regal Fierce Media, boasts a wealth of marketing expertise, initially cultivated during her tenure as the head of the marketing department at Youth On Their Own, a local non-profit. Channeling her experience, she founded Regal Fierce Media, orchestrating its triumphant ascent. Through unwavering resolve, she propelled the agency into a six-figure marketing powerhouse. Katrina’s determination and adept problem-solving have forged a trail of success in the media landscape. Grounded in transparency, infused with innovative ideas, and fueled by a client-centric passion, she is reshaping the media realm, bringing that fierce energy!

Daniel Calderon

Creative Director

Daniel Calderon, with a rich decade-long background in Photography and Videography, embodies a profound creative spirit. In his role, he dedicates himself to comprehending clients’ visions and adeptly guides his team in executing those visions. Central to his approach is crystal-clear communication, fostering comfort and cohesion on set. Daniel’s fervor for visual storytelling fuels his creation of captivating content. An strong attention to detail, creativity, and collaborative storytelling underscores his versatility across the digital media landscape.

Luke Ralston

Director of Video Productions

With over a decade immersed in animation and video, Luke Ralston stands as a seasoned expert. His commitment to his craft is clear, evident in his passion for realizing clients’ visions. As a boundary-pushing creative, he consistently strives for excellent video content. A genuine enthusiast of his art, Luke’s personable nature shines through in his interactions. He thrives on crafting extraordinary content, adeptly translating clients’ aspirations into reality. Drawing from his extensive experience, he has produced an array of TV-featured commercials, showcasing his exceptional skills.

Alexis Verduzco

Marketing and Production Assistant

Alexis Verduzco is a key player at Regal Fierce Media, known for her passion, creativity, and great organizing skills. She handles creating social media content and researches new ideas for the team. Alexis is also hands-on, helping set up equipment and making sure clients are happy and comfortable on set. Her ability to juggle many tasks while keeping everyone smiling makes her an essential part of the Regal Fierce Media team.

Andreas Barberia

Production Assistant

Andreas Barberia, an alumni of Loyola Marymount University with a Bachelor of Arts in Animation, his creative experience elevates his role, enthusiastically supporting the team and their clients in media production through content creation. A former intern at Regal Fierce Media himself, Andreas is recognized for his self-driven nature, dedication to learning, and a passion for storytelling. Diligent and communicative, he has evolved into a valuable contributor, bringing a unique perspective and diligent work ethic to the ever-evolving landscape of media production.

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